About Bill

Short Bio:  I have been in education for 13 years. My educational experiences include teaching Middle School Science and Math; High School Computer and Business education; Director of Math, Science and Technology; Chief Information Officer with responsibility for K-12 Data and Assessments; Adjunct professor, Researcher and Keynote speaker. I completed my doctorate at Fordham University where I studied Knowledge Management for Institutions of Learning in an Age of Networked Intelligence.

Presentations: I have been invited to present at numerous conferences on Leadership, Learning and Creativity in education, Social Learning: The Future of Knowledge Creation and Building Your Personal Learning Network.  I have served as a moderator for the Global Education Conference, panelist for a career and networking event for recent college graduates and panelist for social media in education conference at Long Island University.

The truth is, besides hanging with my kids I find nothing more exciting then getting a group of people (educators, parents, students) absolutely excited about learning in this new age of networked intelligence.  I’ve been known to make a very complex situation understandable for many. By highlighting things that are real to all of us, I get people open up there minds and engage in a bit of a shift in “Mindset.”  I do love that aha moment!

Here is a description of a recent keynote address:  In this keynote presentation, Bill Brennan will promote the next generation of Professional Learning Communities – Professional/Personal Learning Networks. These networks allow groups and individuals to acquire information and share solutions within a dramatically larger community. He challenges us to look beyond the surface barriers technology may present to the opportunities that knowledge sharing and fluid interaction offer us and our students. Paramount to Bill’s initiative is the unyielding belief that Learning Networks are key structures and practices for continued student, teacher and administrator growth in this age of technology natives.

What do people have to say about my talks?

“Bill is a thinker and an idea generator who consistently asks the question, “How can we do this better?” He is a consummate professional with dedication and commitment.” Joe Ziccardi, Senior Vice President, IIT Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Bill at Western Suffolk BOCES and the opportunity to see him speak many times. Bill is an Educational Visionary with a true understanding of the education shift occurring in classrooms worldwide. Bill is second to none in his field because he is a life long learner who has a vast network of colleagues to collaborate and gain information from. I’ve learned a great deal from Bill and it’s an honor to recommend him.” – Penny Notarnicola,  Senior Project Manager, Western Suffolk BOCES

“Bill is an unique blend of brilliance, common sense, and expertise in interpersonal relationships. He makes everyone around him better. His knowledge of technology in connection with teaching and learning is nothing short of encyclopedic. If I wanted to hire someone to help me predict the future of education, I would no go further than Bill Brennan.”  – Mike Keany (President of Keany Associates and Co-Creator of School Leadership 2.0)

“Bill has an astounding way of drawing you into his world. We need to cross the bridge from 20th Century methods of teaching to a new paradigm applied to the 21st Century learner. Bill shows us the way in a most compelling presentation. Highly recommended” – Brad Szollose, Award winning author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia, Generational Expert, Keynote Speaker

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Bill on a professional level for over 10 years, as a former colleague when I was Director of Technology & Information Services for a local Nassau County School District, and as a Chairperson of NASTECH, a BOCES Organization of Directors/Coordinators of Technology. Bill is an excellent speaker, and has a wealth of knowledge which bridges curriculum, technology, and the vision to foresee the next solutions for students and staff. I highly endorse him.” – Mike Richez, Director of Business Operations & Development at A+ Technology 

“Bill is knowledgeable, capable, forward thinking and innovative. His easy-going manner makes him accessible to all. He constantly challenges himself to find ways to better connect people and ideas and to always move the conversation forward. He is passionate about schools and learning and moving them forward into a new era.” – Corrine Carriero, Director of Instructional Technology Half Hollow Hills School District

“Bill is a dedicated educational visionary with attention to detail who is passionately interested in learning environments and maximizing their potential. Bill and I are colleagues in the Long Island School Leadership online network, which he started, that has grown into a network of over 1,000 educators interested in making the education of our children even better. I would recommend Bill as a hard-working, passionate individual.”– Blanca Duarte, President Logic Wing

I’d be honored to get your conference started on the right note.  Please feel free to contact me:

William Brennan
email: wvbrennan@gmail.com
cell phone: at 516.510.7504
twitter: @drbillbrennan
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wvbrennan
linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bbrennan1/

3 Responses to About Bill

  1. Kristi Mueller says:

    Dear Bill,

    We are a team of graduate students studying innovation and change at the University of Minnesota who are researching how much influence teachers do, or do not have, with regard to decisions concerning teaching, learning, curriculum, assessment, and overall public education innovation. We are studying “forums” such as blogs, where people gather to share values. For a variety of reasons, we have been unable to find an easy conduit to initiate a discussion with teachers. As a result, we have turned to blogs, such as this one – an innovation in itself – to attempt to engage you in dialog.

    We have set up The Education Innovation Blog, http://blog.lib.umn.edu/joh02855/innovationeducation as a place where we hope to gather your stories, thoughts and opinions on innovation and creativity in education – both what would benefit you as a teacher and what would benefit your students. The blog includes a link to a 10-minute survey that we have developed. We hope this survey will serve as a starting point for discussions. We would very much appreciate your taking the survey and sharing this request with as many of your colleagues as possible. If you find this survey/blog interesting, please post it on your blog so other teachers can see it. ALL SURVEY RESPONSES WILL BE CONFIDENTIAL! The survey will close as of April 30th, however the blog will remain active and results and discussion of this project will be posted there.

    Your postings to the blog will be public. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please post them to our e-mail address, 4innovativeeducation@gmail.com, we will strip them of identifying information and post your remarks anonymously.
    If you have any questions, please e-mail us at 4innovativeeducation@gmail.com. Thank you, we hope you will choose to participate and assist us in our research!

    Ben Cashen, Mike Fink, Kristi Mueller, Jen Trochinski, Sarah Waldemar, Wendy Wustenberg, Kun Yang

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