The Death of the Technology Committee

The Death of the Technology Committee,
the Birth of Something Much Better

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the purpose of a school-wide or district-wide technology committee?”

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been doing that.  And, the more I ponder this question, the more I wonder, “Why would I want a technology committee? And, “Are technology committees just outdated organizational structure?” Then, the real curiosity kicks in when I start dreaming about what should take its place!

I must begin by sharing two quotes that resonated with me years ago and still serve as a guiding light for my work.

 “It’s not technology unless you were born before it existed.” (Chen, 2004)

“Technology is like Oxygen to our students.  It’s the air they breathe.”  (Richardson, 2007)

Hopefully, you are still reading by now, and saying to yourself, “Gee, that’s powerful.”  Hopefully, you are wondering,

“In the context of the above quotes, what should meaningful learning look like for our students and educators? (note I’m not using the word technology)”

If “technology” represents the foundation of everything students do, what sense does it make for schools to create some “separate” organizational structure to make decisions and share best practices around tech use?  Keeping Will’s and Milton’s comments in mind,

“How might schools move from one room of decision makers to fluid-like sharing of best ideas and practices.”

I submit, it’s time to END the traditional Technology Committee and start moving towards innovations in learning by better harnessing our own human, social and professional capital.  Truthfully, this isn’t easy work!  Furthermore, this isn’t something that should be referred to as a “task”, because in fact, it’s not something we just do and then move on.

As the external accountability continues to mount from both Federal and State agencies, what are you doing to build new norms for teaching and learning?

Have you broken down those walls yet? What are you doing that is special?  Please do share…

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