Tregeo Decision Making Process

Wow…What a day it has been!

Its been a while since my last post.  During this time, I have been transitioning to a new role in my district, getting ready to be a DADDY and staying true to my addiction to learning.  Today was a special day in my quest to learn.  Have you ever sat in a class and just wondered, why haven’t I known about this for my entire life.  This workshop is designed to train us in the decision making process.  The focus is on the process!  I have read many wonderful books on leadership, managment and organizational change, but this proves to be one of the greatest learning experiences I have had in a while.  As our new Superintendent stated, “you will probably use this your entire life”.  I definitely agree with his statement.

Dr. James Coles has certainly had his share of experiences.  Today we learned about the big picture of decision making and the benefits of a process.  The process we are dicussing involves the SA, DA and PPA.   
SA stands for Situation Appraisal
DA stands for Decision Analysis
PPA stands for Potential Problem Analysis

As the Math, Science and Technology director, my issues are span multiple areas and involve multiple groups of people.  I am anxious to start employing this process in my work.  I am also excited to do so with a the wonderful group of professionals I work with. 

While I have just began this quest, please take a second to share your experiences with the Tregeo Decision Making Process.  Have you applied this to your organanization?  If so, please do share. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Perhaps the next time you are here, I will be a happy daddy, who has less time to blog!

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