What Is Your Network?


When I refer to network, I refer to a group of people whom you share a common interest with.  A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a site call Ning.com.  Since them, I have been pretty addicted to exploring its use inside and out.  As soon as I learned about Ning, I immediately began setting up my own networks and since then, I have connected with other school leaders as well as friends from all over the world.  I even get to see photos and videos from these people.  So far,  I have a number of teachers already using the most popular ning site, called Classroom2.0.  I have never learned so much, so well and so fast than I have with Ning.com and other networks hosted there.  While I am now looking at the best ways to use this with our students, I am anxious to get any feedback on how your students have been using networks like these.  Thanks for your help!

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